Week 1 – Eli

So, as mentioned in my background post, we are in week 1 of trying something new and different with Eli. November 8th was a big day in the United States, but for me it was a bigger and better day in North Dakota. No, nothing to do with the presidential election in this case. North Dakota voters voted to allow medical marijuana as treatment. Huge. This is such a fantastic thing for so many people. I’ve read many medical journal articles that show exactly how this is beneficial for so many different ailments. One such ailment that it has shown promising results with is epilepsy, from childhood absence epilepsy to other forms involving Grand Mal seizures. Huge. Enormous. Possible game changer.

Adam did some research online and found a place where we could order Charlotte’s Web, which is a medical marijuana supplement. This is one that I researched when we first got Eli’s epilepsy diagnosis. Unfortunately at that time, we lived in Iowa which did not allow for the use of this supplement. Now, thanks to the voters in my state, we can legally try this with Eli.

Order one placed. High hopes all around. While we waited for the shipment, we were able to gain access to a the Realm of Caring website with dosing instructions based on many different factors, research articles, forums…so much information! I became completely engulfed in the chemistry parts, probably because I’m deep into the chemistry part of essential oils in my certification course right now. I couldn’t help but notice that there are chemical components in medical marijuana oil that match components of certain essential oils. These components have been shown to have calming effects neurologically, particularly the sesquiterpene beta-caryophyllene. Hmmm…if only I’d been a chemistry nerd back in 2013 maybe I could have made better sense of some things with oils! Copaiba is particularly high in this component…usually 50% or more! But there are others such as Melissa, black pepper, clove, and ylang ylang oils that have significant levels of this component. Interesting to me is how now that I have better knowledge from a renowned aromatherapy certification course, this all makes much better sense. Chemistry is so cool.

Our first bottle arrived the 18th, the day after Eli’s tenth birthday. We started his first dose after school. As much as I wanted the heavens to part and have God himself say “Eli is now seizure free!”, I knew it was time to wait and watch. Saturday was his first day of two doses. Then Sunday…and Monday. We’re on Tuesday. Call me crazy but my kid is waking up now looking much more rested (absence seizures can happen during the person’s sleep cycle as well). Saturday afternoon was his birthday party with his friends…six crazy boys running around with all sorts of excitement and enthusiastic animation. Usually this is the sort of situation when we notice an increase in seizures. I saw ONE seizure Saturday…before his party. Sunday I saw one seizure. ONE. Monday he was at school during the day but I didn’t see any when he came home.

Call me crazy. It’s okay because I feel a little crazy thinking about it.Too early to say for sure but I’m more hopeful now than I have ever been about this possible solution for Eli.


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