Week 2 – Eli

We seemed to take two steps forward and one step back. Eli had another of those longer seizures on Monday morning. It was in the morning again…seems to be the time of day that is toughest on him. He was sitting on the couch after getting ready for school and I looked over to see a strange look on his face. I asked him if he was okay and he said “I don’t know…” and then he was out of it again. On a positive note, it wasn’t as long as the two previous ones I witnessed. Disheartening for me, but I know these things take time. I really think we need to make further adjustments to his diet. He was doing so well when I had him gluten-free and minimal grains. His diet is by no means terrible, and the large majority of his meals are homemade. There are two areas where I think it suffers in regards to his health: one, breakfast. He is a very carb-loving type breakfast person. Give the boy waffles, oatmeal or pancakes and he’s happy. The big problem there is that he isn’t getting much protein or fat, both of which are important for brain function but particularly the good fats! I wish I could get him to like eggs. Second area is lunch, specifically the school lunches I pack for him. He would be happy taking PBJ sandwiches and turkey roll-ups on tortillas every day. Again, these are carb heavy and grain heavy, both of which tend to be negatives for epileptics. I need to find some different breakfast and lunch recipes for him, and I really hope we can try some new things. I don’t want to get too restrictive with his diet because that is when he started to resist me in the past.

We’ve also decided to try adjusting his dosage amount a little. We started with the most conservative dosage amount, and he hasn’t experienced anything worse or side effects. It hasn’t even been two full weeks so I’m not too discouraged. The mom in me really wants to see him have relief from this.


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