I’ve always hated this word. Hearing the word “detox” around the Internet usually means someone is talking about and/or trying to sell shakes or juices, pills or oils…seems like someone somewhere is always detoxing from something!  Look, I’m not saying it’s not real – I know our livers are supposed to do it for us, but I guess sometimes it could use a little help. What I’m not on board with is spending hundreds of dollars (or even close to a hundred!) to achieve this.

What really got me thinking about detoxing was a plethora of events lately: researching epilepsy and seizures, a bad seizure morning with Eli, research on silica supplementation and finally, realizing that I can’t really ignore the symptoms that are rampant within my own body. I’ve been exhibiting symptoms of an autoimmune issue for well over a year now. It probably started before then, but I really started to take notice in October of 2015. It started with a full body rash.

We had moved to North Dakota in August of 2015. The climate here is very dry compared to Iowa, and I chalked up my skin issues to the really dry weather. The biggest problem was the rash didn’t get better, the dry skin didn’t really disappear and I was scratching my legs to the point of bleeding in my sleep. I cut out gluten, which seemed to help a little. But then other symptoms started to show up:

Bleeding scalp sores/ulcers ** thinning hair ** Bouts of EXTREME fatigue and tiredness ** Tender and inflamed joints, especially fingers, elbows, shoulders and jaw ** Raynaud’s Phenomenon (fingers and toes turning white/blue and going completely numb for a period of time) ** ulcers in my nose and mouth  ** Lack of a real appetite…eating only because I knew I was supposed to ** Insomnia ** Poor sleep quality when I did sleep ** Weight gain, especially around the midsection ** Mood swings ** Headaches (not normal ones… Migraines) ** Total body aches and pains ** Constipation, followed by bouts of diarrhea ** Bloating immediately after eating ** Extremely dry skin **

One of the “better” episodes this past week…at least it was only two fingers this time.

I really didn’t know what to think…the symptoms would appear only to disappear. In March of 2016, I decided to take the gluten free thing a bit further and eat Primal. I cut out sugar, grains and most really delicious carbohydrates (lol!). In April, I took it one step further and decided to follow a ketogenic lifestyle…very low carb…in hopes to heal my body. It worked and didn’t work. I lost some body fat which was very pleasing, but the symptoms never really disappeared. During the summer and early autum of 2016, things seemed better, so I stopped thinking of autoimmune issues. Given that I have family history, I know better…I need to keep an eye on these symptoms.

January and February 2017 – I noticed things were worse…I was feeling worse. I struggled to find energy to move during the day. I struggled to find motivation for things that typically I loved doing. Just moving myself HURT…my body hurt. I hardly had any energy for my workouts. Most mornings it was a struggle to even get out of bed. This wasn’t the usual “Oh, I should have gone to bed earlier last night” feeling…this was more of “how the hell am I going to survive today awake and upright, taking care of everyone and doing what needs to be done?” sort of feeling.  That may sound dramatic but if you’ve ever experienced that sort of absolutely crushing fatigue for any amount of time, you know EXACTLY what I mean. I checked and double checked my diet; I tweaked macros; I eased up on the strength training; I added more training; I ate more/less complex carbs…more/less protein…more/less healthy fats…; NOTHING helped this time. Final straw – I decided to completely cut out my guilty pleasure and get rid of wine (sad….). We’ll see if that actually helps (hopefully it’s not the wine!).

So March 2017. Wine free, more strict Primal eating (more ketogenic than in the previous two months), back to my usual workouts and adding a few variables that were not part of my lifestyle before: silica supplementation in water and a diatomaceous earth “detox”. I’m not going to spend tons of time explaining DE in this blog post…we’ll see how things go and if it actually makes a difference, I’ll take the time to write it out. There is SO much information on the Internet about DE detox and silica supplementation.  Both are supposed to be fabulous for heavy metal detoxing, which is something I worry about with Eli. Did the vaccines that we did allow him to get end up affecting him neurologically? Could a heavy metal “detox” help him as well? Is this even a problem?

A reputable website lists the following symptoms as a reason to use a DE detox regimen:

  • Food Cravings
  • Inflammation
  • Restless Sleeping
  • Poor Focus
  • Fatigue
  • Skin Rashes or Outbreaks
  • Constipation, Diarrhea, Bloating, Gas, or Other Indigestion Problems
  • Mood Swings
  • Headaches
  • Weight Gain
  • Body Odor or Bad Breath
  • Allergies
  • Aches and Pains

SO – today is March 8th…8 days into my cleansing month, lol! I started silica supplementation last week Thursday, and started DE on Monday the 6th. Obviously, it’s much too early to say “Yes” or “No” but I want to keep track publicly. After all, if my journey can help someone else to help them self earlier than I did, my difficulties will be worth it!

Until the next time….


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